Tulen Foundation Program Scholarships

The purpose of Tulen Foundations Program Scholarships is provide financial support to students in the ongoing training. Scholarships applications are needs-based and are renewed annually. Program Scholarships are due annually on April 1st. 

Download Program Scholarship Application here


Tulen Foundation Program Grants

The purpose of Tulen Foundation Program Grants is to provide financial support for workshops, events, or termed programs. Programs should follow the Tulen Foundation's mission and serve communities in strengthening self-defense and youth empowerment.

Download Program Grant Application here

Black Belt College Scholarships

The purpose of Tulen Foundation’s educational scholarships are to provide support for student black belts as they enter their post high school education.

What we provide:

  • Upon acceptance, each student receives up to $500/year up to $2500.

Who is eligible:

  • Tulen black belts who are pursuing secondary education in any traditional 2 or 4 year program or vocational school.


  • The student must continue to stay connected to Tulen while they are on scholarship. 
  • The student must be recommended by their head instructor.
  • The student must apply each year to be eligible.

How to apply:  download the application here

Submit your application via email to hello@tulenfoundation.org